Character Creation

Your character will be traveling to attend a grand festival that only occurs every 25 years. Excited to have the opportunity to attend, you ready your bags and set out for the town of Brucea!

For one reason or another, this will be your character’s first time attending the festival. Why are you finally making the trip? Are you a fisherman from a nearby port village trying to make a contract with a larger company? Are you a magician’s apprentice traveling with your master? Are you the nephew of a master smith here to help your uncle sell his wares? Are you venturing on your own on some soul-searching journey? Contact me with your idea so that I can give you more information regarding your specific walk of life.

We will be starting with standard level 1 characters. At level 1, remember that you have no magic items, and very little to no adventuring or battle experience. Just hopes, dreams, and no where to go but up (or six feet under).

When making your character page, I’d like you to create 5 sub-headings. Under Description, put a quick physical description if you wish, then ‘equipment’ & ‘wishlist’, and under Bio, put ‘personality’ ‘backstory’ & ‘personal goals/motivation’.

Here is a sample character from an old campaign to help you get going.

Character Creation

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